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There are countless fence contractors looking to provide you services in erecting fences, however many are not well qualified or do not have sufficient fencing experience to complete a demanding fence project.

A good fence contractor can be chosen in different ways and this will vary depending upon customer’s specific needs. Commercial, Governmental, and Residential are the main customer variations in the fencing industry. Each one of these clients will have different requirements to be able to qualify to bid and execute their work.

Fence Price is the primary consideration in selecting a commercial fence contractor. The bottom line is at the forefront of commerce, so the lowest bidder usually secures the job. The person managing the contractor selection will need to account for what is actually needed to complete the job. By this I mean, that if the business owner only needs a fence, then a fence contractor would be selected. If the owner requires more work than fencing, then a general contractor would oversee final fence pricing and ‘subcontractors’ will actually price and install the fence.

Another factor that contributes to the commercial fence selection process can be submittals. Submittals are drawings that illustrate or show what is specified within the contract documents. These are submitted to illustrate to the business owner or general contractor that the fence contractor is familiar with what is actually being constructed. This provides additional assurance of the expertise of the fence company that is being given the fence work. A fence contractor could have a really good price but is not at all familiar with the scope and nature of the particular type of fence needed and cannot actually be awarded the job.

Reputation plays a big part in the commercial fence contractor selection process. A longstanding good reputation with General Contractors can be vital in obtaining future fence work for a fence company. Having a good track record with contractors and consistently doing a commendable job will weigh heavily on the selection process. Having the resources and manpower to bid commercial jobs and the knowledge to carry them out, is necessary to bid commercial fence projects. Adaptability to special types of fencing and special requests is key to project completion and thereby continued work and success.  This is where fence design and construction experience is a must in fence contractor section.

Military fence contractor traits are very similar those stated in the commercial criteria. Price also plays a big role in the choice, but the main deciding factor in a lot of military work is business classification. Certain bases or military institutions will require a fence contractor to be a Small, Women and Minority (SWAM) owned Business. Other qualifications for this are Disabled Veteran Owned, Disadvantaged Business, and Minority Owned business. These qualifications and designations can help a fence contractor obtain work through military, and can even prove imperative to landing a military contract. Also, in bidding military work there is a stringent bid process that is very detailed. It can actually be complicated and it requires a fence contractor who is familiar with the bid process and may even have a business relationship with contracting officer. A lot of high security fence is used on military bases and this is a case where having the resources and knowledge is vital in obtaining work.

The residential market is wide open and is driven mostly by price and selection. Having resources and different materials is key in residential fence contracting. Staying ahead of the curve and proposing new and creative ideas will also keep you in an advantageous role as a residential fence supplier. The residential market is saturated with people who erect fence. Materials are so abundant that almost anyone can propose to do this. This makes a quick case for residential fence installer reputation. Being able to provide a high quality product, and to install it correctly will lead to great word of mouth advertising and repeat customers.


Article contributed by Luke Drylie

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